Fiber Optic Sensing Solutions Private Limited offers state-of-the-art Perimeter intrusion detectionsystem for applications with the maximum demands when it comes to crucial environment conditions, circumstantial situations, and maximum number of measurement points, measurement accuracy, and time response.

What is Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (FO-PIDS)

perimeter intrusion detection intrusion detection system perimeter security solution

Perimeter Security plays a crucial role in establishments that hold valuable assets and have critical importance. With Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) solutions, such high-level security-related issues can be easily solved. They involve both structural components such as fences, barbed wires, walls, etc. and technical components such as cameras, electric fences, optical fiber sensors, IR sensors, thermal imaging, radar, etc.

Our avant-garde Intrusion detectiontechnology can significantly heighten the performance and potency and can be used for ominous maintenance, as well as process control in different industrial areas. We successfully achieve our goal for every new project with our unparalleled expertise to accurately tailor the FBG sensors and sensor packaging for every specific application.

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Major Features of Our Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (FO-PIDS)

Our FO-PIDS has two versions of devices -

  • SafeFENCE: A two-zone standalone model with an embedded touchscreen.
  • SafeMAX: A multizone rack-mountable version with device cascading facility.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Perimeter or boundaries of assets to be protected are trespassed by intruders or smugglers avoiding the human surveillance eyes. To protect from these intrusions Perimeter Intrusion Detection Solution is a smart solution which monitors and captures all kind of physical activity going on near the boundaries by capturing vibration signals.

Passive Sensor

Full passive components are the design that requires no outdoor processors and electrical power to the outdoor components. In this case, the system is immune to electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI), and lightning.

Zone Based System

A perimeter is segregated into different detection zones deployed with several sets of sensing fiber and our Perimeter Intrusion Detection Solutioncan accept Individual zone settings for finer monitoring resolution.

Distributed Acoustic Sensing

Optical Fiber is used as the sensing element which can be deployed all over the perimeter and all over the length active as a sensor which can detect vibrations from any points where the sensor is deployed making the sensor distributed in nature.

Real Time Alert and Warning

Fast and immediate sensing capability and alert and warning systems in hardware and software like alarm sound, light indicators, Indication of alert in zone map.

Over-Ground and Underground Deployment

Deployment of our perimeter Intrusion Detection Solution can be done in over-ground boundaries like different kinds of fences, walls which are already a physical barrier and underground deployment over the length of perimeters or along the walls in the ground and similar areas where visibility of the FO-PIDS senor fiber is not preferred.

Intelligent Software Control of Device and Zones

Management software control for the device operation, zone management, alarm indication and warning system which has intelligence facility to tune itself for fluctuating environmental and surrounding situations.

How our Perimeter Intrusion Detection System Works?

A modern surveillance technology where optical fiber is the sensor element giving it a distributed sensing nature which makes the deployment all over the surveillance area with optical fiber lengths similar to utilized in telecommunication fiber deployment. The FO-PIDS main device sends optical signals and receives it back with changes introduced into it due to the surrounding intrusion signals. These signals are processed using intelligent algorithms and intrusion alarms and warnings are generated alerting the concerned authorities regarding the intrusion occurred in the surveillance area.

Real Time monitoring

Calibration and monitoring the zones simultaneously and individually using high performance software equipped with intelligent facilities to help eradicate Nuisance Alarm and False Alarm to the lowest possible standard. The FO-PIDS system is also able to identify the presence of Noises (Rain, Wind, Snow, Hailstorm) and eradicate them using software reducing false alarms.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (FO-PIDS) Applications

FO-PIDS can be used in areas where Perimeter protection is important. Major ones include:

  • Security in restricted areas, like country borders, protection force areas
  • Environmentally unprotected areas, like agriculture land, forest, wildlife sanctuaries etc.
  • Construction Sites and Buildings, like office spaces, hospitals, banks, schools, transport stations etc.
  • Security transgression prone areas, like prisons, correctional homes, nuclear power plants, research facilities, electric power stations etc.
  • Areas with physical security needs, like oil and gas and transport depots.

We Work Closely with Our Customers

As we are promised to deliver the best possible solution to our clients, our goal is to work closely with them and having frequent communication while manufacturing the FO-PIDS to best meets the requirements.

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Selection Guide

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FO-PIDS 2Zone Device
perimeter intrusion detection system India
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FO-PIDS multi Zone (4 to 16 zones)

perimeter intrusion detection system Mumbai

FO-PIDS multi zone with Camera Integration.


FO-PIDS can be used in areas where Perimeter protection is important. Major ones include:
  • Protection of restricted areas such as country borders, protection force areas.
  • Environmentally vulnerable areas such as forest, agriculture land, wild life sanctuaries etc.
  • Buildings and areas like office spaces, schools, banks, airports, transport stations etc.
  • Security breach vulnerable warning areas like prisons, nuclear power plants, research facilities, electric power stations etc.
  • Long distance physical security necessary areas like oil and gas pipelines, railway lines, road and other transport facility lines.

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